Spring Cleaning: 2018 Edition

It’s officially spring, which means any parts of your home you’ve neglected to clean and organize are in need of your attention. Housework may be a difficult and long process but this season gives you the perfect occasion to really organize your items and clean your furniture. We’ll be helping you out with some tips that will encourage you to get started!

Before you start your spring cleaning, try to keep an organized list of what you would like to achieve. Checking each task as you finish them will be satisfying and will motivate you to continue the process.


An immediate solution to a messy home is putting items together in a storage piece. This may sound simple but you have to make sure to utilize a piece with just the right amount of storage. Having too much storage paves the way for more clutter, which is something spring cleaning likes to avoid.

A cabinet’s main purpose is its storage solution. If you’re looking for a smaller piece to place in an area like your dining room, entryway or living room, the Elsi Cabinet’s four doors reveal two shelves. This minimal storage means you have to choose what you consider essential to place on these shelves and write them down beforehand.

Elsi Cabinet

A bookcase is another option to consider for display and storage. Since a piece like this will probably be in your home office, the space will be used for books, printed work documents, and maybe some decorative accessories. The lifestyle below shows the Grand Classic 3-Piece Bookcase which is perfect if you have the space for it. A total of nine shelves and four doors define an ample amount of storage space.

Grand Classic 3-Piece Bookcase

For bedroom purposes, a dresser is the best option for a lot of clothing. Before even organizing your dresser or considering buying a new one, thin out your clothes and eliminate any pieces that you haven’t worn in a few months and don’t see yourself wearing any time soon. This way, there is less of a mess when you put all your clothes together again. Rachael Ray’s Cinema Dresser is the perfect solution to a bedroom that is lacking the necessary drawers for your articles of clothing with a total of nine drawers.

Cinema Dresser

After seeing the storage pieces above, we wanted to share something from our YouTube channel. Our first video to show you is from our home organization series. Maximizing drawer space while going through the spring cleaning process is something to definitely keep in mind. The video highlights the KonMari Method, “a system and philosophy for tidying your home and leading a life that sparks joy”, which was developed by organizing consultant, Marie Kondo. Vertically folding your shirts, pants, and other clothing allows you to have more room in your drawers and closet, which is a big focus of spring cleaning. Check out the full video to see how this method is implemented!


This video is also from our home organization series. Have you ever struggled to clean a glass top and end up with fingerprints no matter what? You’re in luck as we include tips that focus on how to achieve a streak-free shine on a glass table top by simply using water and newspaper. Watch the full video to see details of this cleaning process.

Next, we would like to discuss the general care of your furniture that can apply to more than just spring cleaning time.

When you purchase upholstered furniture, it’s a big commitment because you most likely will be using these pieces for years to come. Taking care of your furniture will ensure that these pieces remain strong and do not start to soil. So even though we are emphasizing spring cleaning time, you should keep these tips in mind for year-round. Routine maintenance can include lightly brushing the fabric with a vacuum or brush. This way, there is a reduction of dust. If you keep up with this, your upholstered pieces will be fine. In the case that you do not feel comfortable cleaning these pieces yourself, consider consulting a professional cleaning service.

El Dorado-Summer 2017_019B.jpg
The Richardson Leather Power Reclining Sectional w/Right Chaise features smooth genuine top grain leather everywhere the body touches, which is easy to clean and long-lasting.

Case goods are also another type of furniture that you’re probably buying to use for many years. Case goods are pieces of furniture that are not upholstered and or include interior storage space, such as a chest or dresser. Since these pieces may be made out of wood or other solid materials, the first thing you should do is keep them out of direct sunlight. This will help the surfaces avoid both humidity and heat. The routine maintenance we suggest is just using a dust-free and soft cloth that avoids the accumulation of dust. Make sure to not use any furniture cleaners as it can damage the finish. With these tips in mind, your furniture will remain durable year-round.

The Zophie Chest is made of natural brown hardwood so it can be wiped with a soft cloth to remove dust.

In essence, now that you have received our tips about both organizing and cleaning your home and furniture, you’re already headed in the right direction for your spring cleaning. When you are finished, we would love to see how your home looks! Feel free to share your photos with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #MyEDFHome and you will have the opportunity to be featured on our account!

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