Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For all their hard work, fathers deserve a proper place to relax and relieve stress. This is why we put together a list of recliners for your dad, based on his personality. If you’re looking for gift ideas for Father’s Day, this list has something all dads love: A comfortable recliner. Whether he’s a tech junkie or a sports fanatic, your dad will find a recliner to match his style and personality.

For The Dad Who Loves Cinema…

This dad always quotes the best lines from every major movie released this century, down to the character’s voice and gestures. Because he’s constantly involved with movies, he has an endless stream of references for every situation.

So, whether he’s re-watching The Godfather for the billionth time or binge-watching a new series, this dad deserves a comfortable spot to indulge in his love of movies! The Lum Power Recliner is the perfect seat for him. He can store his favorite DVDs in the armrest compartments and keep the remote for his giant surround sound system next to him in the side storage pocket. And don’t worry about interrupting the experience when he needs a refill. This recliner’s center table has enough space to hold drinks and snacks so he can focus on the movie. To complete the movie theater-like experience, LED lights under the seats can match the mood for any movie. The best part? Dad can enjoy it all by pushing just a couple of buttons so he never has to leave the chair! … At least until the movie’s over.

For The Dad Who Never Misses A Game

For some, sports are a way to bond with family and friends—a pastime to share with those they love the most. For others, sports are away to let off steam and show their spirit.

Whatever your take on the matter, there’s no denying that few things excite and terrify men as much as sports. If you want to give dad a court-side comfort at home, the Magnetron Power Recliner will knock it out of the park. Two beverage holders keep dad’s favorite drink handy during those tense matches, while the leather-soft upholstery will keep him comfortable watching the easy wins. Power headrests provide flexibility so dad can watch the game from the best possible angle to catch every home run, dunk, or goal.

For The Dad Who Loves Technology

If your dad acts like a child during the holiday season at the bare mention of an electronics store, going nuts for smart TVs, stereo systems, and computers, then you’ve got a techie.

He takes pride in showing that he knows everything about the latest gadgets and gizmos months before they hit stores, and he was probably the first person in the family to own an Apple Watch. A techy dad goes crazy for smart TVs, stereo systems, and computers. Whether he’s in a man cave or in the living room, dad will love the Bobby Power Recliner. Think of this as the captain’s chair in dad’s personal Star Ship. Dad can store the most important items an arm’s reach away by placing it in the hidden armrest compartments. And because a good techie wouldn’t let his devices run out of power, we’re happy to say that this recliner comes with built-in USB ports to keep electrical devices charged at all times, so he won’t have to worry about his phone’s battery life. And if your dad likes to nap after lunch, this couch can recline far back enough to serve as a second bed! (well, almost). If your dad has to have all the best and latest technology, this is the best seat to enjoy them!

For the Dad Who Just Needs A Break…

If your dad works a job that’s physically demanding, or if he likes to push weights when he’s done pushing pencils, chances are a massage would do him wonders. If that’s your dad, then he couldn’t get a better gift for Father’s Day than the Liz Massage Recliner. This space-saving recliner has everything dad needs to relax when his muscles need a time out. He won’t even have to lift more than a single finger thanks to the conveniently placed controller. With it, he can choose from a variety of massage types, including three pre-programmed massages. Pressure and pain can accumulate over a long day at work, and this recliner has everything dad needs to find and pressure no matter where he feels it on his body. Especially useful for those suffering from back pain, put your dad in this recliner so he can feel his best when he’s off it.

For the Dad Who Might Need More…

If you’re planning to splurge on your dad with more than just one piece of furniture, we have a couple of ideas.

With his new favorite recliner, dad will want to have an entertainment system (if he doesn’t already have one) that will make him even more comfortable as he spends his free time watching TV in his own space.

That’s why we’re recommending the Tivo Gray Wall Unit as one of our last Father’s Day gift ideas. There’s more than enough space for dad’s TV and consoles, and the side bookcases will help him display signed footballs and trophies, so his man cave is truly complete! Trust us, he’ll love this entertainment unit.

Your dad’s days might be hectic with phone calls and tasks from his job. You can make his work days a little less stressful with the right office chair. And we think we’ve found the perfect match with the Fernando Desk Chair. Dad can adjust the height of the chair, and sit back on the leatherette that will keep him comfortable for hours at a time. He’ll look forward to being in his office!

With these gift ideas, we hope you’ll find the perfect match for the special man in your life. Whether you decide to show him some love by hosting a barbeque, giving him a quick call at the office, or surprising him with the ultimate recliner to kick back in after a long day, what matters is that they know you appreciate all the hard work they do for you.

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