Accent Chairs 101: Everything You Need to Know

Grey sofa with blu eaccent chairs

You see them all the time in home decor magazines: the perfect accent chair, with a plush blanket draped over the back.  Accent chairs make your space look more upscale and inviting, so much so that you might be tempted to add one (or two) to your home. 

But more than being simply decorative, accent chairs can also be quite useful in your home. Our guide will help you learn how you use an accent chair and which style works best for your home.

Practical Uses

You would usually find accent chairs in the living room, where seating is always a plus! By placing a couple of accent chairs together, they can be used to create an intimate seating arrangement. Paired with a lamp, accent chairs can also create a cozy reading nook. 

Your bedroom is another place where you can use accent chairs. Be careful, though – some people do have a tendency to let them pile up with clothes! Use it for reading, setting down your bag at the end of the day, or (neatly) laying out your clothes for the next day.

Accent chairs can be used in the dining room. Move them to the dining table or breakfast nook, when extra seating is needed for special occasions or visiting guests.

Aesthetic Uses

Going beyond their practical uses, accent chairs are a fantastic way to upgrade your home decor with color and style. Use different fabrics, contrasting styles, or a unique pattern to ensure that your accent chair is the focal point of your room. They are meant to be the focal point in your space, feel free to pick a chair that really wows you! 

In a mostly neutral room, they can infuse personality and fun. Let your personality shine through your accent chair.

And while you don’t want to match your existing seating pieces, you do want it to look great together. For example, if you want to find the perfect accent chair to go with your brown leather sofa, a blue pattern would work really well together.

Types of Accent Chairs

It’s all about balance, when choosing an accent chair make sure it will work for the rest of your room.

A wingback chair is one of the most classic styles, its distinctive due to its large, curved back and winged sides. They usually come in a generous size, so pair them up with oversized couches or place them in larger rooms. If you need extra dining chairs, these would look great at the head or foot of the table.

A club chair is an upholstered arm chair with deep seats, which makes it perfect for reading! These chairs look fine on their own, or as part of an intimate seating arrangement. A club chair would also be the ideal accent chair for your bedroom – comfy enough for a nap, even.

The occasional chair is lightweight, it can be moved whenever the occasion calls for it. They are usually armless, to make them easy to move. Unfortunately, this means that they are not quite as cozy as the other chairs. Still, with their versatility, it is easy to find multiple uses for them.

Accent chairs are meant to be stand out pieces. Don’t stress out about finding the perfect matching chair, feel free to let your creativity flow! Let it add an additional touch of style to your home!

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