8 Family Holiday Card Ideas You Can Recreate at Home

Two young brothers sit playfully on a wooden bench with white seating, surrounded by snowy Christmas trees, a white fireplace, gifts and stockings.

The season for holiday cheer, potlucks and Christmas movies has arrived… that means holiday photo sessions are also in full swing!

Perhaps, you’ve hired a professional photographer, you’ve bought your iconic holiday attire (ugly sweater or festive formal wear), and now you’re looking to nail down the location. We’re here to help! After all, this is the card that you’ll be sending your family and friends, the card that will grace your screensaver or refrigerator door for years to come, so it has to be memorable.

Whether you’re a party of ten, newlyweds or it’s just you and your furry friend, we’re sharing eight easy ideas you can recreate at home to achieve the perfect family holiday card.

1. A Holly Jolly Welcome

A mother and father sit with their two sons, daughter and two golden retrievers on the front porch, wearing white and blue formal clothes, surrounded by red poinsettias and garland.
Source: hbombties.com

If your wreath game is strong and your poinsettias are blooming, you might want to consider showing off your curb appeal with a holiday photo on the front porch. This is also ideal for larger groups or families who don’t want to feel crowded indoors. Another bonus is you won’t have to worry about tidying up your living space!

All you have to do is decorate your front porch with Christmas lights and fresh garland, gather the crew at the doorway – pets included! – and capture your family moment.

2. Festive Statement Seating

Two young brothers sit playfully on a wooden bench with white seating, surrounded by snowy Christmas trees, a white fireplace, gifts and stockings.
Source: Anchor Studio

Do you have a bold bench you’ve been waiting to showcase? Or a leather sectional that has become your go-to staple for family time?

Don’t think twice. Surround your signature piece with a winter wonderland backdrop, complete with snowy faux trees, silver presents, candles and sparkling décor. Whether staged or candid, you’ll have design-forward, Instagram-worthy photos everyone will be gushing over.

3. Fireside Hangouts

A mother, father and two toddlers sit on the floor looking at the fireplace in their Christmas sweaters with bright lights in the background.
Source: Shutterstock

A fireplace is key if you want to emulate that classical Christmas feel. Bring out your stockings, put on your winter socks and sweaters, and light up the tree in the background. The roaring flames paired with the bright lights will create a cozy, magical scene. 

Here’s a tip: Rather than look directly at the camera, focus your attention on the fireplace. The unique pose will offer a refreshing alternative to traditional portraits, and the fire will illuminate your family’s faces beautifully.

4. Real Moments at the Table

During Thanksgiving dinner, a father and young daughter cut the turkey at the table while mom sits next to them smiling.
Source: Pexels

Between the Thanksgiving feasts and holiday dinners, there’s never a time when you’re not cooking, baking or eating during the holidays. So, why not document those moments at the dinner table? Get up close and personal while dad’s cutting the turkey or take a snapshot of grandpa and the kids making gingerbread cookies. 

Because at the end of the day, the best family moments are the real, messy ones.

5. Holiday Happy Hours

At the foreground of the living room, a gray accent chair sits next to silver gifts while the background features a stylish metal wall bar and counter height table with festive décor.

Perfect for singles, couples or roommates, a home bar photoshoot lends itself to a fun and laid-back holiday card. 

Whether it’s a sophisticated toast or a humorous display of drunken shenanigans, you can lighten up the mood by showing off your stylish wall bar and holiday cocktail menu. Festive drinks can include classic mulled wine, sweet eggnog, Christmas punch, holiday sangrias and more. This is also a great way to get your family and friends excited for the best holiday party of the year – hosted by you, of course!

6. A Magical Floor Backdrop

A baby lies calmly in a basket on a fluffy white rug with two gold presents and a green ribbon in the corner.
Source: Unsplash

Still struggling to find a location? Get on the floor! Your rug might just be the silhouette you’re looking for. A fluffy neutral rug can offer a striking contrast against your red and green attire and vice versa, an abstract design against your white outfit can add a dynamic, gallery-inspired look to your holiday photos.

If you want to take this a step further, get a bird’s eye view of your entourage. Trying out different angles and positions will allow your partner, kids and pets to get comfortable, increasing your chances of achieving more natural family pictures.

7. Pajama Party in Bed

Mom and dad smile at their toddler with mugs in hand while wearing their white and red Christmas pajamas in bed.
Source: localgrapher.com

Nothing says home for the holidays like waking up on Christmas morning in your comfy bed. So, place some foliage along the headboard, switch out your sheets for your choice of white or vibrant hues, and add a few accent throw pillows. Then, tie the whole look together by dressing up your family in matching pajamas!

When it’s time to take the photo, ask yourself: what mood do I want to convey? You can snuggle up together to create a heartfelt photo or get silly and jump on the bed. No matter what you choose, your holiday card is sure to get plenty of compliments.

8. Celebrations Alfresco

A diverse group of people sit in the backyard with fairy lights in the background, rugs on the floor and a guitar leaning against the long wooden table.
Source: Unsplash

If you have a backyard or patio, take advantage of the greenery, ample space and outdoor furniture by hosting your holiday photoshoot alfresco.

Your photographer can tag along during outdoor events such as family gatherings or Friendsgiving to capture those precious fleeting moments. So, when you look back at the photos, you’ll instantly remember the casual conversations and endless laughs with loved ones. Plus, you’ll get to show off your backyard styling skills!

With eight creative locations and plenty of inspo this holiday season, you have everything you need to create the ultimate family holiday card.

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