Ottomans & Benches

Ottomans and benches. Add more style and function to your living room with our beautiful selection of ottomans and benches. Discover your favorites below.
Ottomans & Benches

Ottomans and benches have multiple purposes to enhance the seating, style, and storage of your home. With our selection to explore, you can choose your new ottoman or bench today.
Before making a decision, figure out which type of ottoman or bench you need. If you have a vanity set that you need to complete, add a vanity bench. To create a guest area in your living room, you will want to consider an ottoman bed. If you have a small space but want to unclutter a little bit, add a storage ottoman. The same goes for a storage bench, which is wider so it can be added to your bedroom, living room, or entryway. If you are using a bench for just seating, you will not need to worry about storage. Additionally, if an ottoman will be a piece to just rest your feet, storage is not a concern of yours either so you can add a small ottoman.
Next, think about the fabric and style that will balance the décor of your existing pieces beautifully. If you will be using one of these pieces often, add a leather ottoman or a bench or ottoman upholstered in leatherette, easy-to-clean upholsteries that also give off a clean, modern look. You can also consider performance fabric. For a rustic charm that brings the outdoors inside, add a cowhide ottoman or wooden bench. To add a simple yet classic style, a bench made of polyester or linen with button tufted accents will be your favorite. Additionally, we have ottomans upholstered in polyester that are soft with neutral tones and nail head accents, a contemporary addition to your home. Last but not least, if you prefer a shaggy design our ottomans and benches have this design as well with stainless steel legs for a modern touch.
It’s time to pick out your favorite bench or ottoman above!